JYP Entertainment to Produce a Joint Chinese Movie

JYP Entertainment has plans to produce a Chinese movie.

On October 29, JYP Pictures and Eastern Entertainment Group concluded a contract signing ceremony, officially marking the start of an entertainment relationship. The ceremony that centered on JYP Pictures, a subsidiary group of JYP Entertainment, and Eastern Entertainment Group, a performance production company, marked the beginnings of the production of a Chinese movie set to release next year.

The collaborative movie production garnered much attention because of the full financial investment towards the movie’s production costs by China’s biggest performance production company, as well as JYP Pictures’ support in the techniques of drama and movie production.

jyp pictures eastern entertainment group

Eastern Entertainment Group’s president Go Shin stated, “The collaboration beyond country borders hopes to bring greater improvements towards the Chinese entertainment and movie industry. We anticipate that the collaboration between China’s abundant arts resources and Korea’s advanced experiences will allow for the promotion of Chinese entertainment’s culture and industry.”

JYP Pictures’ CEO Pyo Jong Rok also expressed, “The movie produced with Eastern Entertainment Group, the agency that holds China’s best performing arts group, will present another different form of a movie. The joint partnership is expected to create meaningful interaction between the two countries.”

The JYP Pictures CEO concluded, “The partnership between the two companies also is expected to produce a joint management company, performance enterprise, and other collaborative partnerships to help boost the two countries’ cultural arts industry,” expressing the desires of a cross-cultural advancement in both Korea’s and China’s entertainment culture.

On another note, the Eastern Entertainment Group’s prestige was evident in the group’s acceptance of the “China’s 30s Cultural Business” award for the past two years. The cross cultural partnership is expected to create advancements in the cultural arts and entertainment industry through the involvement of Korea’s and China’s top entertainment enterprises.