Clara Reveals Breakfast Menu That Helps Her Maintain Her Sexy Figure

Sexy actress Clara‘s breakfast menu has been rising as a hot topic.

On October 29, “Clara’s Like A Virgin” aired a segment that showed Clara preparing a breakfast meal for herself in the morning.

After going through her refridgerator, Clara gathered chicken breast, paprika and other vegetables to make fried rice. After taking out a frying pan, Clara diced up the multi-colored paprika, added it to the chicken and about half a bowl of rice.

Clara commented, “You feel full about twenty minutes after you eat. So you need to stop eating when you feel slightly less full,” revealing her special know-how on maintaining her sexy curves.

After this aired, many netizens have shown great interest in Clara’s breakfast, commenting on how hard it must be to eat so little all the time.

In other news, Clara has recently been confirmed to act alongside Infinite‘s Sungyeol and 4minute‘s Jihyun in a new mobile drama.

clara breakfast