Han So Hyun Debuts with “Sorry,” Actor Lee Min Ki Cameos in Music Video

Female singer-songwriter Han So Hyun of 3rd Coast is coming out with her solo debut album “Oh My Darling.” Actor Lee Min Ki appeared as the male lead in the teaser video for her title song “Sorry.”

Han So Hyun had previously released the music video teaser on her official homepage on October 30, raising expectations for the full-length music video.

In the teaser video for “Sorry,” Lee Min Ki is the male lead who senses a parting is near and pretends to be calm while he’s actually struggling inside. The short 30-second video has the actor displaying a full range of emotions, enhancing the song’s mournfulness.

Han So Hyun expresses a peculiar sensitivity and a unique voice color, a perfect balance with the monotone video. The lyrics for “Sorry” convey the pain and heartache that one feels before parting.

It was revealed that Han So Hyun had been the vocal director of a bunch of famous actors, and it was here that she first met Lee Min Ki while providing vocal directing and producing his single album. The two had maintained close relations since then.

Han So Hyun produced Lee Min Ki’s remake of Yoo Jae Ha’s “Those Days I Had With You,” prior to the actor’s movie “Temperature of Love” release in April this year. She also produced his special track “Everything,” which featured the actor and his movie co-star, Kim Min Hee, as the leads. Both tracks also feature 3rd Coast, a group that Han So Hyun is a vocalist for.

Lee Min Ki accepted the offer to appear in the music video without hesitation, no doubt because of Han So Hyun’s role as vocal teacher and producer. It is said that filming for the music video went without a hitch.

The main vocalist for lounge band 3rd Coast and guest vocalist to the band Standing Egg, Han So Hyun has proven her outstanding abilities as a musician and producer. She will be debuting with her first solo album “Oh My Darling” on October 31, and will hold a showcase at jazz bar Jack B Nimble in Hongdae on the same day.

Here’s the teaser for the music video: