Lim Chang Jung Makes Hilarious Public Service Announcement with “Open the Door” MV

Fans may be reminded of PSY‘s “Gangnam Style” and “Gentleman” when they watch actor and balladeer Lim Chang Jung‘s “Open the Door” music video. However, all of that melts away after watching ten seconds of “Open the Door” (working english title). 

For starters, unlike PSY’s “Gangnam Style” and “Gentleman,” Lim Chang Jung portrays the character of a veteran singer or a man of high moral character, who corrects or admonishes individuals who appear to have forgotten the manners, ettiquette and values upheld by the older generation, whereas PSY has previously assumed characters that are quite the opposite yet endearing all the same.

For example, Lim Chang Jung covers a cycling female in a long winter coat when the old men are caught ogling at her figure at the gym – and he does it with a slick side-part that appears to represent his alter-ego of sorts. In another scene, he reprimands a couple for covering their food with MSG and serving it to guests in their restaurant. You won’t be able to stop grinning at all the silly situations he encounters and how he comes to the rescue of the victim, whether they ask for his help or not!

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If you don’t catch it at first, the opening scene is where Lim Chang Jung greets his NH Media label mates, the boys of U-KISS, only to be ignored and made the butt of jokes because he is a veteran singer. That is to say, he is uncool, unpolished and outdated. However, all of that changes when a white glow suddenly surrounds Lim Chang Jung and his hairstyle changes to a neat side-part. He then proceeds to put the junior artists in their place by tossing water over their food and breaking someone’s handheld gaming console. It appears to work, for when he reverts back to himself, he is welcomed into the group and affectionately offered snacks and back massages. 

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The song carries an addictive beat and is composed in a style reminiscent of the old Trot songs that used to be popular back in the day, but is brilliantly mixed with electronic beats that will having you rocking in your chair. The viral video has produced a strong positive reaction from netizens who are praising Lim Chang Jung’s sense of humor and comical performance. 

As for the title of the song, “Open the Door” – Lim Chang Jung encourages the average shut-in or homebody to “open the door” to escape the boring, mundane and insufferable in exchange for the sunshine, nightlife and all other possibilities waiting for them right outside their door. 

Other featured guests besides U-KISS in this hilarious music video include: Kim Su Ro, Lee Jong Hyuk, Bobby Kim, Kim Jae Dong, Bang Eun Hee, DJ.DOC’s Kim Chang Ryul, Lee Ha Neul, Jung Jae Yong, Yoo Se Yoon, Super Junior’s Heechul, Solbi and many more!

 “Open the door” will be available for download from various music sites starting October 30! 

Check out the music video below!

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