Kim Ok Bin Confidently Reveals Her Current Weight

Kim Ok Bin has done what little to no actresses usually do by revealing her true weight and height to the public.

An interview with the cast of the upcoming movie “AM 11:00” recently aired during the October 30 broadcast of SBS’ “One Night TV Entertainment.” Kim Ok Bin is starring in the film with other industry aces, such as Jung Jae Young, Choi Daniel, and Park Chul Min.

When asked how much she currently weighs, the actress honestly responded, “54 kilograms (~119 pounds), and I am 167 centimeters (5’5.7″) tall. I think that considering my height, my weight is reasonable.”

The interviewer said that she is supposedly famous for her aegyo, but there are no times she shows that side of her. Kim Ok Bin commented, “I think it is enough if I act lovingly towards my boyfriend or other people I love.” She made the people present burst into laughter by jokingly adding, “If I start showing my feminine and pretty side to the seniors as well, the game is over. Everyone will fall for me.”

“AM 11:00” is described as a thrilling sci-fi movie, where scientists develop a time travel machine and travel back in time to prevent murders from occurring. The premiere will take place at the end of November.