“Medical Top Team” Hits a Low 4.9% Viewer Rating

 MBC’s ‘medical drama winning streak’ has broken with the drama “Medical Top Team.

According to viewer rating research company Nielsen Korea, the seventh episode of “Medical Top Team,” broadcast on October 30, recorded a viewer rating of just 4.9%. The rating was 0.9 points lower than the previous episode, at 5.8%. 

Previously, with the dramas “General Hospital,” “White Tower,” “New Heart,” and last year’s “Golden Time,” MBC had a very positive streak going with medical dramas.

“Medical Top Team” had been anticipated as a drama featuring competition among a group of the best-of-the-best doctors. However, it has fallen behind other current dramas, and isn’t performing up to par.  Whether or not “Medical Top Team” can get back in the game when it is so far behind its competition remains to be seen.