Singer Park Ji Yoon Confesses to a 4-Year Dry Spell in Her Love Life

Park Ji Yoon recently revealed that she hasn’t been in a relationship for a while. 

On October 31, she appeared on the new KBS radio program, “Jo Jung Chi & Hareem’s 2PM,” and said, “I don’t [date] nowadays. It’s been a while.” She then revealed that her last relationship was about four years ago.

Host Jo Jung Chi suggested they go to a club, at which Park Ji Yoon said she hadn’t ever been to one before. When Jo Jung Chi said that his friends make fun of him saying that he probably couldn’t even get into a club, but that he really wants to go, Park Ji Yoon played along, replying that she probably couldn’t get in either because she’s too old. She expressed a desire to go to a club that’s not just loud, but has good music.

Meanwhile, “Jo Jung Chi’s & Hareem’s 2PM” just started on October 28, and on the next broadcast on November 1, singer Song Seung Hoon and actress Choi Kang Hee will be on the show. 

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