A.Cian to Make Comeback Switching Out Three Members

Boy Group A.Cian has undergone a member shake-up after successive members withdrew from the group.

According to their agency ISS Entertainment on October 29, “A.Cian’s Se Hee, Crooge and Seulgi left the group, and new members Hidden, Jung Sang and Jin.O were recruited. The new members and existing members U Tae, Chan Hee and Sanghyun will form a six-membered group and are planning to release a digital single in November.”

A.Cian debuted as a five-membered group (consisting of Seulgi, Chan Hee, Crooge, Se Hee and Sanghyun) in September 2012 with mini-albums “Stuck” and “Hit,” and title tracks of the same name. While U Tae became the group’s sixth member in March this year, original member Crooge officially withdrew from the group in the integration process, with Se Hee following after him and leader Seulgi deciding to focus to acting.

ISS Entertainment revealed that A.Cian was working on its follow-up single in May when main vocalist Se Hee suddenly decided to withdraw from the group, bringing to a halt to their broadcast and performance activities.

“Se Hee was a member who had many problems, often going missing from the waiting room at broadcast and performance activities without notice. We are taking legal action against him. It’s stated in the contract that if one party unilaterally breaks the contract, that party has to pay a penalty for breach of contract, but we’re not after that. Our case is strongly tilted to our side.”

The agency further added, “There are groundless rumors going around mainly through SNS, and we are planning to respond strongly to them.”

The current A.Cian consists of oldest U Tae, new leader Chan Hee, vocalist and rapper Sanghyun, rapper Hidden, vocalist Jung Sang and maknae Jin.O. A.Cian will release a new digital single in November. ISS appealed to fans by saying, “We definitely suffered losses from members dropping out, but this time A.Cian is back with a stronger team. Please support their future activities.”

Check out A.Cian’s debut single “Stuck” below: