IU Dresses Down, Begins Filming for “Beautiful Man”

Singer and actress IU set off on a seemingly impossible romance in “Beautiful Man,” chopping off her hair for a short bob, and displaying an unanticipated lack of fashion sense by pairing a track jacket with a tacky flower print dress.

Upcoming KBS drama “Beautiful Man” will take the Wed-Thurs evening timeslot after drama “Secret” ends, and IU is expected to put in an enthusiastic performance as average-of-average Kim Bo Tong. Filming for the drama began on October 28, and IU was ready to give off a charm that was anything but ordinary.

The character of Kim Bo Tong is one who has spent her last ten years constantly desiring “Beautiful Man” Dokko Ma Te (played by Jang Geun Suk). When asked “What do you want to be in future?” by her mother Mal Ja (Lee Mi Young), Bo Tong grandly replied that she wanted to be Ma Te’s wife.

Like a character straight out of a romance comic, Dokko Ma Te, who possesses a face that might as well be a national treasure, has never given commoner-than-common Bo Tong a second look. Despite this, just looking at Dokko Ma Te’s face makes innocent and bright Bo Tong step lightly and smile brightly.

“The truth about men is Ma Te oppa,” is how Bo Tong regards Dokko Ma Te. In order to suit the role, IU traded her locks for a short bob cut, transforming into a cuter version of herself. She displayed her unusual fashion sense, adding a neck corsage to her “Bo-rining” (Bo Tong-ie + Churining, Korean for tracksuit) look. In addition, she had what appeared to be a basket preciously slung over her shoulder as a strange handbag.

With a style that others cannot easily comprehend, will Kim Bo Tong enjoy the honor of defending “Beautiful Man” Dokko Ma Te against all the women after him? The beautiful man and the common girl, expectations are rising as to how the unpredictable romance between Korea’s most unbalanced couple will unfold.

“Beautiful Man” is based on the comic of the same name by famous comic artist Cheon Gye Young. The scriptwriter for “Beautiful Man,” Yoo Young Ah, also dramatized “Miracle in Cell No.7,” a movie that drew 12 million viewers and wrote the script for recent movie “No Breathing.”

Director Jung Jung Hwa, nicknamed “Flower Boy Maker” for previous works “Flower Boy Next Door” and “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop,” has a strong visual sensitivity when directing and shows serious symptoms of “Pretty Boy Disease.”

“Beautiful Man” will broadcast on November 20.