Actor Jung Woo Shows Us That He Isn’t Garbage in Arena Homme+

Actor Jung Woo is currently appearing in cable channel tvN’s Friday-Saturday drama “Answer Me 1994,” in which he plays the role of Garbage, a boy from Gyeongsang-do who doesn’t know what style means and alternates between indifference and warmth.

The actor recently did a pictorial shoot with fashion magazine Arena Homme+ for its November issue, in which he exudes a charm completely different from his appearance on television.

In one of the pictures, Jung Woo has his eyes cast down with his face in a frown and puffing on the cigarette between his lips, conveying a manly charm while leaving a strong impression. The other picture has Jung Woo looking indifferently at the camera, while his back is turned, looking chic and exuding his brand of charisma. Jung Woo displays warm visuals and polished masculine beauty here, a sharp departure from his tailored tracksuit attire from “Answer Me 1994.”

Jung Woo also did an interview in conjunction to the pictorial shoot. He revealed his thoughts on receiving attention for his appearance in “Answer Me 1994,” saying, “I am using all I have learnt up to now and drawing from my past experience to shoot ‘Answer Me 1994.’ I’m quite happy filming, and am treating it like my first work, my first time meeting the public. More than anything, it’s nice working with a great director.”

Having won “Best New Actor” at the Grand Bell Awards in 2010 for the movie “Wish,” which he also wrote the script for, Jung Woo revealed that he continues to study screenplays and scripts, explaining, “I wanted to know what actors are thinking and feeling from the director’s perspective. While studying screenplays, I am able to see the whole picture. I looked for scripts for interesting works, such as ‘Oldboy’. By frequently comparing the actual movie and the scripts, the different aspects of the work can be seen.”

“’This actor interpreted the script in this way, this director brought the script to life in this way.’ In doing so, my imagination grew. While studying, I structured and wrote the script and I think it helped in some way. I finished writing a script in this manner. Someday, I want to make a movie.”

Jung Woo’s pictorial and interview will be released in November’s issue of Arena Homme+.

Jung Woo for Arena Oct 2013