UV’s Muzie Signs Exclusive Contract with Yoon Jong Shin’s Agency

Singer Muzie is now a part of MYSTIC89 family.

On November 1, Yoon Jong Shin’s agency MYSTIC89 revealed that they signed an exclusive contract with the singer. The label also includes Lim Kim, Park Ji Yoon, Puer Kim, and more. Singer Kim Yeon Woo recently joined the label earlier last month.

Muzie makes up half of duo UV who is well known for the hit song “Itaewon Freedom.” Muzie showed off his composing and producing talents by creating all of the duo’s hit tracks. He also recently participated in Dynamic Duo’s seventh album title track “BAAAM” by using the vocoder.

MYSTIC89 stated, “Muzie’s a multi-entertainer. Not only does he excel in music talent, but he also is skilled in variety shows. You can look forward to him being more active from now on. We’ll help so that he can show his full music abilities, and we’ll also support him wholeheartedly regarding his television appearances.”

Meanwhile, he is currently working on a new album.

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