Fiestar Is Naive in Love for “I Don’t Know” Music Video

Girl group Fiestar made their comeback with the fun and charming music video for “I Don’t Know” through Loen Entertainment‘s official YouTube channel. The video comes with English subtitles.

Before their comeback, Fiestar had already been promoting their new image as “cute sexy girls” with their cropped tops and plaid skirts. This appealing concept is for their single album “Curious,” their first album from Collabodadi, a in-house label of Loen Entertainment. 

The main track “I Don’t Know” expressed the honesty and curiosity of an innocent girl who is new to love. The song also uses the melody of “10 Little Indians” that will be sure to get stuck in your head for days. The music video shows a young girl’s naivety in a humorous way with plenty of innuendo. 

To support the group’s comeback, several celebrities, including IU, Clara, and actor Jo Han Sun, made video messages to cheer on the group. Check it out below the music video.