Kim Yoo Jung and Big Bang’s T.O.P to Appear on Next “Running Man” Episode

The next episode of SBS’ variety program “Running Man” will feature celebrities Yoon Jae Moon, Kim Yoo Jung, and Big Bang’s T.O.P. The episode’s concept will be based off of Wizard of Oz where Dorothy-T.O.P and Dorothy-Kim Yoo Jung, who ended up in the land of Oz, tries to find their way back home.

The “Running Man” members will transform into characters like the scarecrow without a brain, a tinman without a heart, and a lion without courage and will accompany the Dorothy couple on their itinerary. The members caused a riot on set for perfectly transforming into their respective characters.

Actor Yoon Jae Moon will make a surprise appearance, temporarily setting aside his overflowing charisma and showing his comical side.

Kim Yoo Jung shows her cute and loveable nature and T.O.P takes care of her on set like a true oppa.

For the final mission, there will be a special method of taking off the name tags. What can that be?

This episode will air on November 3 at 6:10pm (KST).

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