Jung Hyung Don Mistakes Tablo’s Daughter Haru for a Boy

Jung Hyung Don made an embarrassing, but a hilarious mistake as he mistook Epik High member Tablo‘s daughter Haru for a young boy.

In the official pilot episode of KBS’s “Superman Returns,” the rapper and his daughter appeared on the show. The show was originally planned to be a Chuseok special, but was soon made into a full season with the addition of Tablo’s family. 

Entertainer Jung Hyung Don and Tablo unexpectedly ran into each other while filming and stopped for a moment to greet each other. However, the meeting did not go as smoothly as one would expect. After taking a friendly look at Haru, Jung Hyung Don said to the girl’s father, “Your son, right? He’s handsome.”

The comedian’s expression was priceless when he heard that Haru is actually a girl. He kept repeating the same question, “Is she really your daughter?” as if he could not believe the situation. 

Tablo kept his cool and commented, “It seemed like Hyung Don hyung honestly mistook Haru for a boy. But he thought she is pretty, so it doesn’t matter,” and laughed as he added, “I am extremely curious to see what his children look like.”

The episode will air on November 3 at 4:55PM (KST).