IU Reveals That She Got Vocal Nodules From Laughing

Singer IU appeared on the October 31 episode of “Happy Together 3” and revealed that she had gotten vocal nodules from her laughing reactions on variety shows as a rookie.

When asked if she had any sad moments before becoming a star, she replied, “When I was still a rookie, they never really spoke to me in variety shows. Since the mic never came my way, all I did was reactions. I actually got vocal nodules because of that.”

She explained that it was so bad she couldn’t even sing, and it made her feel really sad and pitiful that she ended up not being able to sing because of laughing on variety programs.

At this, the hosts asked just exactly how she laughed to end up with nodules, and the singer said, “I laughed really loud when I was a rookie. Some of it was because I actually thought something was funny, and some of it was overly exaggerated reactions, so I might get caught on camera. IU revealed a time when even she had to do whatever she could just to get noticed.

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