CNBlue, FT Island, Crayon Pop and Other Idol Groups Cheer on Students Preparing for College Admission Test

It is that time of the year again when Korean high school seniors are facing suneung, also titled the Korean Scholastic Ability Test (SAT).

This year, the exam will take place on November 7 and all of Korea can be expected to slow down from 8:40AM until 6:30PM, when the students will be solving questions on subjects such as Korean, English, Mathematics, Science, and Foreign language. Preparing for the test starts as early as in kindergarten, and whether you succeed or fail can determine your whole future. Suneung is widely known as one of the most rigorous high school exams in the world.

To cheer on those that are currently studying harder than ever, many idol groups have sent encouraging video messages to the high school third-graders. Take a look at them below!


“(All) Hello, we are CNBlue. (Min Hyuk) It is soon time for suneung. Students, are you ready? (Jong Hyun) I am worried that there will be a cold wave during suneung this year as well. (Yong Hwa) Exactly. I have also taken suneung… (Jung Shin) You did not succeed? (Yong Hwa) It was okay, I actually did quite well. Anyway, I am now doing work that I enjoy, so I recommend you to just trust in your abilities, and good results will follow. Everyone, take a lot of sweet food with you. But they say it is unhealthy to eat too much in the morning, so just believe in your skills. (Jung Shin) We will give you energy by cheering hwaiting, so should we do it now? (Yong Hwa) Students taking the exam, (All) hwaiting! This has been CNBlue, thank you! (Jung Shin) Eat chocolate! Eat it once more!” 

FT Island

“(All) Hello, we are FT Island. (Hong Ki) Everyone, the anticipated suneung is finally here. We heard that there are Primadonnas taking the exam. Are your preparations going well? The weather has gotten colder and the difference between day and night temperatures is harsh, so take care of your health until the exam date. I think we also have to be careful, right? Anyway, stay strong until the end and I hope you will get the result that you wanted. And there is something that we have prepared. Students that have had a hard time studying, we will buy you Toreore chicken! Please wait, and good luck with your exams! Hwaiting! (All) This has been FT Island, thank you!”


“(All) Hello, we are SPICA. (Na Rae) All students taking the exam all over Korea, there is not much time left until the exam. Please stay strong until the end and have a hwaiting spirit, do not worry, and show everything that you have learned so far when the exam day arrives. Suneung is on November 7, right? (All) Yes. (Bo Hyung) It is right around the corner. (Joo Hyun) You must be very nervous, but hwaiting and… (Ji Won) Yes, your results will be good. (Joo Hyun) SPICA will support you, so listen to our song ‘Tonight‘ while studying hard. (All) This has been SPICA!”

Nine Muses

“(All) Hello, we are Nine Muses. (Eun Ji) Students, the exam is right around the corner. (Kyung Li) Just keeping that one goal in mind, you must be very nervous and worried. (Euaerin) We feel nervous and worried as well when thinking of the word suneung. (Se Ra) Everyone, try your best and I hope you will get the result that you worked hard for. (Hye Mi) Lastly, take good care of your health until the suneung day, and we will always be rooting for you so… (Sung Ah) Don’t worry about the exam day and solve the problems carefully. (Min Ha) We will be praying for your results to turn out amazing! (Lee Sem) If you listen to our title track ‘Gun‘ that we are currently promoting, I am sure your suneung will turn out wonderful! (Hyun Ah) Show a lot of love for our full-length album as well. Students, (All) Hwaiting! Nine Muses too, hwaiting! This has been Nine Muses!”


“(All) Hello, we are ZE:A. (Hyung Sik) So, now there is really not much left until suneung. You many, many students that are studying hard to reach your one and only goal, I hope you stay strong. (Hee Chul) Also we don’t have many days left to be nervous. Yes, we ZE:A will be holding our first own concert on November 23! (Min Woo) Where and when is it? (Hyung Sik) Ah, it will be held on November 23! And where? (Min Woo) SK Olympic Handball Stadium. (Hee Chul) At 6:00PM, our first solo concert will start so I recommend many of you to come! (Min Woo) If you think about it, the stress… (Hyung Sik) Stress! (Min Woo) … that you students have suffered from, I believe that you can get rid of all of the stress by coming to see what we have prepared for you! (Hyung Sik) Everyone, don’t be nervous on the exam day and carefully solve all of the problems. We will pray for your suneung to turn out amazing. (Hee Chul) Yes. I hope you will take good care of your health until the end, and we ZE:A will pray for you! All students taking the exam, (All) Hwaiting! (Hee Chul) ZE:A’s solo concert too, (All) Hwaiting! This has been ZE:A!”


“(Se Mi) Hello, this is Se Mi of Jewelry. Everyone, not much is left until suneung. Are you studying hard? Even the weather is cold, so you must be having a hard time. I hope you will stay strong. We Jewelry are practicing hard in order to meet you all with a good image, so please wait just a little. All students taking suneung, stay strong until the exam day, and Jewelry will be rooting for you. Students, hwaiting!”

Crayon Pop

“(All) Hello! We are jumping, jumping Crayon Pop! (Ellin) All students taking suneung, the exam is right around the corner. (Gummi) We Crayon Pop are praying for your suneung to turn out wonderful! (So Yul) We hope that you suneung takers will be jumping jumping! (All) Aja aja, hwaiting!”


“(All) Hello! We are Infinite! (Sung Gyu) The 2013 University Entrance Exam is only one week away. I can remember myself taking the exam… (Sung Yeol) You didn’t do well, right? (Woo Hyun) Sung Yeol, don’t talk about yourself… (Sung Gyu) My exam results were actually very good. I studied very hard. It is the day when you see the results of your hard work and studying that you did during high school. (Woo Hyun) It is when you see what you have achieved. (Sung Gyu) Many Inspirits must be preparing as well, so what I want to say is that even though studying is important as well, always take good care of your health, sleep well, and care for your body. I hope you will get good grades and good results. Should we say hwaiting to all Inspirits then? (All) Yes! Hwaiting! 

Eric Nam

“High school seniors taking the exam, hello, I am Eric Nam. Hi! There are only a few days left until suneung. You are very nervous and stressed, right? Don’t feel stressed and don’t be nervous, just take it easy and your results will reflect the amount of studying you have done. Just take it easy! And I hope you will get good results and go to a good school, and moreover live a satisfactory life. Please keep your eye on me Eric Nam as well and show me your love! I love you! Bye!”

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