Infinite’s Sungjong and Dongwoo Give Support Message for Jin’s MV Starring Kim Yoo Jung and Xiumin

With just a week away of releasing her debut single, Woollim Entertainment‘s Jin is receiving much attention for her star-studded music video featuring Kim Yoo Jung and EXO‘s Xiumin.

On October 31, Infinite‘s Dongwoo and Sungjong showed their strong support for Jin as well as Kim Yoo Jung and Xiumin through a support message clip.

Sungjong/Dongwoo: Hello! We are Infinite’s Dongwoo and Sungjong. Nice to see you!

Xiumin: Hello, I am EXO’s Xiumin.

Kim Yoo Jung: Hello, I’m Kim Yoo Jung.

Dongwoo: We are cheeruing for Woollim’s third girl (Sungjong: She’s an Woollim Girl) – yes, the third Woollim Girl Myung Eun (Jin). But also, the two leads have a big past connection with us too! Xiumin is my high school colleague and Yoo Jung worked with Sungjong in the past.

Sungjong: She made me lemon candy in the past! When you have a lot of thoughts, lemon candy is the best!

Dongwoo: Since that is more like a nightmare, let’s not think about it and since there is still more to film today-

Sungjong: So not only did I come to support them but I also came to apologize to Yoo Jung. She treated me so well so I was able to act well too in the past. Anyway, you two look so good together. You guys are the “chemi-couple” (couple with good chemistry).

Dongwoo: Well if you’re going to show off like that, I’m gonna show off too. Xiumin acted since he was in high school. He has such a baby-face that it’s hard for me to call him a friend sometimes. He is truly a friend that I can show off and I’m happy that he’s the main character. Anyway, even if we don’t cheer for Jin, I think she will succeed a lot. The power of these two (Kim Yoo Jung and Xiumin), will certainly create a great music video. As soon as it’s released, I will download it and watch it.

Sungjong: After monitoring you two today, you looked so pretty and handsome so I’m so excited for the music video. Fighting! When the music video comes out, we’ll cheer for it again, not that it will help a lot but we will still work hard to support it! Fighting!

Xiumin: This music video is my first challenge into acting. I might lack a lot but please view me favorably.

Dongwoo: Yoo Jung, you have anything to say?

Kim Yoo Jung: When the music video is released, please watch it a lot. When the song is released, please love it a lot!

Dongwoo: I can see Yoo Jung has a lot of affection for this project. Unfortunately, we have to go do other things now.

Sungjong: Shall we all yell fighting together?

All: Fighting!

Jin’s “Gone” will be released on November 8. Check out the teaser clip for “Gone” here.