Mate’s Jung Joon Il Discharges from the Military as the Last Celebrity Soldier

Band Mate’s member Jung Joon Ill was discharged from the military on October 30.

Enlisting in January 2012, the singer transferred to the national defense media agency four months later in April, and continued his military service in the military’s singer and song writer department.

However, with the celebrity military scandal last July involving singers Se7en and Sanchu, the Korean military’s administration discontinued the celebrity military unit on the basis of military rule violations. Yet, Jung Joon Il was allowed to continue his service as a celebrity military due to good records.

With less than three months of military service remaining after the announcement of the unit cancelation, celebrities Kim Kyung Hyun, KCM, and Jung Joon Il were allowed to stay and finish their military service as celebrity soldiers. The Mate member was the last soldier to be discharged as part of the celebrity military unit.

Before enlistment, Jung Joon Il was active as the main vocal of Mate, and was also the main actor and music director of “Play,” the movie which portrayed the real story of the band.

A representative of Mate’s agency, MY Music stated, “After being discharged, Jung Joon Il first plans to meet his fans. We look forward to providing music that fans were not able to hear the past two years.”

Jung Joon Il is set to perform 19 performances from November 14 to December 15 at Arte Hall.