Kim Sun Ah: “I’m Tired of Talking About My Weight”

On the November 1 broadcast of SBS’s “Escape at 2PM, Cultwo Show,” a video broadcast radio program, co-host Kim Tae Kyoon commented that Kim Sun Ah lost a lot of weight and asked her if she had been trying to lose it.

At this, the actress commented that she had been asked about her weight a lot since filming the drama “My Name is Kim Sam Soon.” “After Sam Soon was over, I worked really hard to get back to my original weight. I’ve been maintaining my current weight since four years ago.”

Co-host Jung Chan Woo said that the image of her old character Sam Soon is so strong that sometimes they forget what she’s actually like. Kim Sun Ah agreed, saying that people don’t really connect her to Sam Soon, but when people hear her voice, they immediately recognize her.

Kim Sun Ah’s new movie, “The Five, is scheduled to premiere on November 14. The movie is based off of a webtoon of the same name, and is a thriller about a woman who plans the perfect revenge against the person who killed her family.