Columnist Heo Ji Woong Denies Dissing Hwang Jung Eum

Columnist Heo Ji Woong clarified what some people called a ‘diss’ about actress Hwang Jung Eum.

On November 1, the writer posted on his Twitter, “Reporters.. They only quoted certain parts of what I said and made it look like I dissed Hwang Jung Eum. What I actually said was that all the fuss about her improving her acting lately is mostly an illusion from her improving her speaking tone. She has been doing well from the beginning, choosing good dramas to act in.”

On the October 31 broadcast of JTBC’s variety program “Surgeon – War of Strong Tongues,” Heo Ji Woong said, “Hwang Jung Eum’s usual voice has too much of a nasal sound. That’s why she was so criticized from the beginning through the middle of the drama ‘Giant.’ Because she greatly improved on her tone in this most recent drama “Secret,” it just seems that she’s improved her acting.” 

Since this broadcast, report titles have been purposefully shocking, mentioning that Heo Ji Woong ‘dissed’ Hwang Jung Eum, leading to the columnist’s explanatory post on Twitter.