Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In Looks Simply Elegant in “Espoir” Magazine

On November 1, pictures of Ga In from Brown Eyed Girls have been released in the magazine “Espoir.”

Ga In is shown in a backstage waiting room, sitting in front of the makeup mirror. Seen with her signature dark eye makeup, Ga In looks simple, yet elegant as she prepares her skin for make up.

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Her new pictures are reported to be popular among those in the beauty community. A source related to a beauty community stated, “Whenever pictures of Ga In are released, interest in her products tend to rise. While differing from her make up ads, hew new ads featuring cleanser have members of the community talking.”

The new pictures are part of a marketing campaign for “Pro Essence Skin Care Line.” Ga In is promoting three products: “Pro Essence Cleansing Oil,” “Pro Essence Finisher Cream,” and “Pro Essence Eye and Lash Serum.”