Gil Mistakes Yoo Jae Suk’s Kiss as BoA’s During a Prank

Gil received a kiss from Yoo Jae Suk while believing it to be from BoA.

On the November 2 episode of MBC’s “Infinity Challenge’s” music festival special, Gil and his music partner BoA had a close encounter when BoA was asked to present a gift to Gil for a successful hat dance during the duo’s stage. However, the gift was not any ordinary gift, but rather for BoA to give a congratulatory kiss to Gil.

As the pair entered backstage after their performance, Gil and BoA were greeted with chants of “Kiss” from the other “Infinity Challenge” members and guests. After much persistence, BoA agreed to give a kiss to Gil’s head. Yet, as BoA took her place behind an anticipating, closed-eyes Gil, fellow member Yoo Jae Suk took the opportunity to pull a prank, as the comedian impersonated BoA by kissing Gil’s head.

boa gil prank

The prank garnered much laughter when Gil, unaware of the prank, conveyed his embarrassment to the thought of BoA’s kiss. In addition, the scene displayed Gil’s childlike personality as he verified his role as the gullible member of “Infinity Challenge.”

Gil and BoA formed their group called G.A.B (Gil And BoA), and participated in “Infinity Challenge’s” music festival. The duo performed their song also titled “G.A.B” which included an eccentric hat dance, stirring the energy of the 35,000-person crowd.