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This week was a bit more serious and was cause for some heated discussions due to Young Do’s bullying and odd ways of getting Eun Sang’s attention. I won’t get too deep into it because I like to keep my posts sort of light and not too heavy – I’d be here for hours if I were to do that. I have a lot of thoughts about Choi Young Do right now. Onward to whatever I feel like discussing today!

Young Do Cancelling the [Dreaded] Family Photo Shoot

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It’s no secret that Young Do and Rachel are 100% against their parents getting married. Each has their own reasons for disliking the remarriages, but so far we haven’t seen them take any initiative to actually ruin anything… until now. Esther and Daddy Choi each tell their kids that the family photo shoot is going to happen, regardless of what they think, so what do they do? Rachel asks Young Do to end the engagement, but he knows that’s near impossible right now so he can only ruin the photo shoot. How does Young Do do this? By purposely inviting one of his dad’s ex’s and “pretending” like it was a mere run-in. She calls Daddy Choi ‘Oppa’ and Esther is too pissed to smile and storms out. See that Daddy? You should never tell your son that it’s okay to cheat as long as he wins. That’s like Parenting 101.

Tan Officially Confesses To Eun Sang

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We all knew he liked her, but Tan has never actually told Eun Sang that. You can all guess what her reaction was right? She wants to pretend she didn’t hear it and wants Tanny to keep his distance, but he’s set on invading her privacy and interfering in her personal life as much as possible. I know Eunny likes Tanny, but he’s got one teensy weensy problem – he’s engaged. Of course he tells Rachel that he likes Eun Sang and that they should go back to being friends, but he’s got it wrong when he thinks that it is that simple to break the engagement or to think that she wouldn’t be hurt by it. Let’s see how this all turns out… *grabs popcorn*

Bo Na Hates Chan Young? Nah…

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Well for a little while anyways. I would be the first to admit that even though I love this couple, it can be a bit irritating to see Chan Young constantly run to his BFF whenever she was in trouble. Young Do suspects that Eun Sang isn’t new money, as Tanny has made it seem to everyone so he proves his point by dumping out the contents of her bag. When Bo Na appears and criticizes him for delaying class, he takes her purse and does the same in an attempt to compare the items within the bags. Chan Young appears, asks if both are okay but helps Eun Sang first. I give Eun Sang credit because she tells him to help his girlfriend first, but all he says is thanks to Bo Na for not telling. She says she hates him and storms out the room. Granted, she’s normally like this, but his facial expression says otherwise and shows how much that affected him. It’s okay Chan Youngie, just pay more attention to your girlfriend, K?

Young Do Is Lonely

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Okay, I know he’s a jerk but sometimes jerks have it hard too. After getting cheated beaten by his father, Young Do pops up at the only coffee shop in Seoul Eun Sang’s job. She thinks he’s here to question her about her gazillion jobs, but he says he doesn’t need to hear anything. He just showed up because he’s lonely. Her face changes, and it seems like she sees something in him. He also tells her that he dropped his lawsuit against Joon Young – she didn’t think he would but he says he told her he would and that’s what he wanted to say. Tanny comes in and ruins it on the defense about why Young Do is there. Both guys are so busy giving a stare down/talk that they don’t notice Eun Sang left and bought them drinks. Haha.

Wonny Looks Lonely, Too

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Blame “The Heirs” thread for me using these nicknames (lol). We saw a much softer and vulnerable side to the elder Kim bro this week. It seems that our Wonny-poo only looks like a lost puppy when he is around Hyun Joo, the private tutor who does/doesn’t have feelings for him. He stalked her waited outside of her apartment when he saw her getting out of a car, then was surprised to see it was Secretary Yoon… good ol’ Secretary Yoon. Before she can fuss at him, he tells her not to, saying it feels like that been going on all of his life. He then wonders/asks why she never lets him sleep over. Poor Won, he looked like he needed a hug. Too bad his dad has been blocking his romance from ever happening, especially when he has someone following him around.

Tan and Bo Na’s Short Conversation

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I don’t know if this is even worth talking about in this way, but I actually adored the conversation, even if it was extremely short. Eun Sang is waiting to meet with Hyo Shin when Tan walks up and asks if he should help her get in since he knows Hyo Shin. Bo Na walks out after her announcements, sees Tan and tries to make a run for it (again) but is stopped when her adoring boyfriend/fanboy pops up with a drink claiming to be her fan. They’re all cutesy flirty-like so Eun Sang takes this as her chance to leave (you know, since she’s trying to avoid Tan and all), but he tries to stop her. She uses Chan Young to escape. Bo Na and Tan are left feeling like rejects, but she tries to leave as well (aww, why are both of them trying to avoid him?) until she turns to ask him if he still likes her. He plays into it by asking does he? Then she says that she’s very happy with Chan Young, and he points out that they were once happy and she really liked him. She corrects him by saying it was enough. He asks her does her boyfriend know that he still likes her? She says why should he know that and to forget her. Haha – gotta love Bo Na. Now I kinda see why they were together. I still want a flashback of them together, please writer-nim?

BONUS! Chan Young says Bo Na Doesn’t Get Angry, She’s Cute

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 1.26.18 AM Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 1.26.56 AM

Chan Young is helping Eun Sang when her phone rings – she ignores it and he asks who it is. Eun Sang has secrets too, she tells him to go find Bo Na before she gets upset. Chan Young’s answer? His Bo Na doesn’t get upset, everything about her is cute. Hee.

Last Week’s Question

The question was: What do you think happened between Secretary Yoon and Esther Lee? Here is Min Young Park‘s answer: “i think … that Esther and Chan Yoong’s father dated 20 years ago and they could not get married because social classes.” This answer was extremely close to the answer we got. Jae Hoo told Esther he now knows why they didn’t work out, there were a hundred people telling him why they shouldn’t be together. Daddy Kim sent Eun Sang to Empire High so a hundred people could tell her why she should stay away from his son.

My question this week is a poll: Which “surprise kiss” was better: Tan’s rooftop kiss to stop Eun Sang from answering her phone or Yoon Jae Hoo kissing Esther Lee in the hallway. I’ll let you know the results next week. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to to come visit us at the Official Soompi “The Heirs” Thread.

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