Jewelry’s Yewon on the Behind-the-Scenes of Idol Dating

Jewelry’s Yewon recently talked about the behind-the-scenes of idol dating.

On the October 1 episode of JTBC’s variety/talk show “Witch Hunt,” hosts Shin Dong Yup, Sung Si Kyung, Heo Ji Woong, and Sam Hammington talked about women and relationships. 

In the corner called, “Witch Hunt – Turn Off the Green Light,” they discussed the worries of a woman who can’t choose between two men, and invited columnist/editor Kwak Jung Eun, model Han Hye Jin, Jewelry’s Yewon, and actor Hong Suk Cheon to the show for discussion.

Yewon said that since they are in the public eye, a lot of idols date in secret, and largely through text or chat. Specifically, she said that there are idols who hit on not just one or two, but several other people at the same time. When Shin Dong Yup asked if there are idols that hit on members of the same group, she immediately replied, “Yes, there are! Because they [members of the group] don’t know.” Han Hye Jin quickly asked if it was a girl or guy that does this, and Yewon said that she heard it was a girl. Baited into revealing this information, Yewon seemed really surprised at what she had told, which was apparently more than she had planned.

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