Kim Soo Ro and Kim Min Jong from “Gentleman’s Dignity” Visit the Set of “The Heirs”

On November 2, actors Kim Soo Ro and Kim Min Jong visited the set of “The Heirs,” which was written by the same writer (Kim Eun Sook) as their popular drama from last year, “Gentleman’s Dignity.” They brought with them warm chicken soup, dessert, and drinks for all of the cast and crew who were working hard day in and day out for the drama.

Their gifts and kindness really brought to the set some warmth, after the staff had been experiencing cold temperatures all day, and the entire cast and crew couldn’t hide their happiness. Lee Min Ho commented, “They went way out of their way to visit us, and I’m just so thankful. They brought with them a huge energy to everyone on the set.”

After the visit, Kim Min Jong said, “As a huge fan of the drama, we visited to give everyone some strength and wish them good luck,” and truly displayed the dignity and class of the two actors.

kim soo ro kim min jong