“Reply 1994” Jung Woo Found to Be Broken Up with Fashion Designer Girlfriend

After news agencies reported that Jung Woo had been seeing a fashion designer for the past two years, the actor admitted that it has been over a year since they broke up.

With Jung Woo’s popularity rising due to his heartthrob character on “Reply 1994,” reports on his dating status have been made. However, during a press conference for an upcoming film, Jung Woo actually made the comment that he wishes he had a girlfriend.

During the press conference, when asked about his real personality compared to his warm and loving characters in various dramas, Jung Woo commented, “I am actually a warm person, and I like to take care of others,” and “I hope I can meet a good girlfriend soon.”

kim jin

Previously, it was reported that Jung Woo was dating fashion designer Kim Jin for the past two years.

Jung Woo is currently receiving love for his character Garbage on “Reply 1994” for his love line with Go Ara. He also gained popularity for his role in “You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin” for playing Son Tae Young‘s love interest.

In other news, Jung Woo is also drawing eyes for his generous good truck gift to the cast and staff of “Reply 1994.”

Photos revealed the cast and staff enjoying a delicious late night food truck meal on the set for the drama. Eyes were especially drawn to Jung Woo and B1A4’s Baro photo taken together. Jung Woo has a bright and affectionate smile toward Baro, who looks like he really enjoyed the hot bowl of noodles.

jung woo food truck

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