Kim Bum Soo’s “I Miss You” and “Last Love” Are Both Based on His Actual First Love

On November 2, Kim Bum Soo appeared on the JTBC variety show, “Hidden Singer 2,” where he competed with five others who imitated his voice.

During the episode, Kim Bum Soo almost got eliminated at the first round. The first mission song was “A Day” and Kim Bum Soo received the second most votes to be eliminated, despite singing his own song.

After he revealed himself, he sang “Last Love” for the final round. During this time, he shared that the song was actually taken from his own experience.

Songwriter Yoon Il Sang commented, “The song ‘Last Love’ is actually Kim Bum Soo’s story.” Then Kim Bum Soo added, “In the music video, I acted out a tear scene. I still get sad when I sing ‘Last Love.'”

Then the MC Jeon Hyun Moo exclaimed, “I just got goosebumps. Were the tears real then?” Then Kim Bum Soo answered, “My love history is simple. My first love was my last love.”

Kim Bum Soo also revealed that he broke up with his girlfriend to become emotional for his song, “I Miss You.” That girlfriend was the same person behind “Last Love” as well. Kim Bum Soo added, “I should say this carefully, but that girlfriend was my muse for my music.”