Kim Ah Joong and Joo Won Explode with Chemistry in New “Catch Me” Stills

The upcoming crime romance film “Catch Me” has released more stills, upping the excitement and anticipation for the two leads, Joo Won and Kim Ah Joong.

Kim Ah Joong plays a legendary thief while Joo Won plays the most skilled profiler in the industry. Kim Ah Joong is also Joo Won’s first love.

The released stills show various scenes of the two actors in different scenarios. Some of the scenes show the two facing each other in a serious atmosphere whereas others show the couple in an endearing and affectionate way.

catch me couple 1

Both actors show stunning visuals and great chemistry with each other just by looking at the stills. Fans are already wondering and excited to see what kind of chemistry these two actors will bring to the screen.

Another still of Kim Ah Joong decked out in her working gear and holding up a gun was released as well. The still shows Kim Ah Joong looking focused but rather lonely as she works during the night.

catch me kim ah joong 1

“Catch Me” will hit theaters in December.