“Reply 1994’s” Mystery Continues: The Identity of Go Ara’s Husband

Through the unveiling of the character flow chart on its official homepage, tvN’s “Reply 1994” is raising curiosity about the identity of Go Ara’s character Sung Na Jung’s future husband.

The tvN drama continued to throw off viewers with plot twists and mysteries as the revelation of Garbage not being the biological brother of Na Jung, and that the future Na Jung married one of the five male students staying at the boarding house have left many wanting answers . One of the major surprises included the fact that in the future Na Jung would marry her husband named “Kim Jae Joon,” who also happened to be one of the five, male college students staying at the boarding house. The unpredictable plot twists have roused the public’s curiosity regarding the characters’ relationships.

As “Reply 1994” continues to top search rankings, the drama’s official homepage finally released the character flow chart. In regards to the late reveal, the drama’s representative commented that due to spoilers, the character flow chart was a secret. Yet as the drama enters the third week of broadcast, the character flow chart was finally released. The diagram includes such labels as “Na Jung’s first love,” and “Can’t help but hate each other roommates Sham Chun Po and Hae Tae,” providing inside references for the enjoyment of viewers.

cover image reply 1994 character flow chart

With the identity of Na Jung’s future husband as a mystery, “Reply 1994” plans to show how the relationships between Na Jung, Garbage, Chil Bong Yi, Sham Chun Po, Bing Geu Re, Hae Tae, and Yoo Jin transform between friendship and love. The drama is also expected to update the character flow chart as the mysteries of Na Jung’s husband, Kim Jae Joon, and the untold stories portray the character developments.

TvN’s drama “Reply 1994” airs on Friday and Saturday nights at 8:40PM KST.