Taeyang’s Smokin’ “Ringa Linga” Video Teaser Revealed

Taeyang‘s comeback after three years of long wait is getting closer and closer!

A new video teaser of his pre-release track “Ringa Linga” was unveiled during SBS’ “Inkigayo” on November 3. The mystic black-and-white video shows the artist covered in body paint, glitter, fancy clothing and accessories, and it definitely ensures that the concept of the song will be both cool and artistic. Based on the short sample, “Ringa Linga” has an addictive hip-hop sound to it, which can be expected as Taeyang’s long-time friend and label mate G-Dragon has both composed and written the song. 

Despite their extensive history as YG Family buddies, it is the first time G-Dragon has produced a title track for his friend of 13 years. This upcoming release will be a step away from the slow-tempo R&B music that Taeyang has represented with “Only Look at Me,” “Wedding Dress,” and “I Need a Girl.” Fans are already anticipating to hear and see the style that he has gone for this time around.

“Ringa Linga” is the first title track of the singer’s new album, and it will be released on November 8. This will also mark the beginning of Taeyang’s promotions on music shows. 

Check out the teaser below!