A-Prince Reveals Video Teaser of “A-PRINCE Show” Solo Concert

A-Prince fans, it is time to get ready for the show of your lives!

The boys of A-Prince revealed back in October that they will be holding their first solo concert entitled “A-PRINCE Show.” Now they have released a short video clip to tease you about the upcoming event.

“A-PRINCE Show” is set to be held at Club Ellui in Seoul on November 10 at 5:00PM. As the group debuted on November 10 last year, this show will also celebrate their one-year anniversary. 

The video teaser unveiled on November 3 gives you a glimpse of the members’ flawless upper bodies and charming looks. One after another, you can see short clips of the boys posing in front of a blank white wall. The strong electronic background music definitely ups the excitement and makes you want to click home some tickets right away.

Tickets can be purchased through Interpark and Yes24. 

In related news, A-Prince has recently been busy promoting Gangwon Province as the area’s official ambassadors.