miss A Unveils “Hush” Video Teaser

After teasing the fans with individual photos and a group shot, miss A has now revealed their first video teaser!

The teaser clip gives you a taste of the concept of the music video, which is certainly not a cutesy one. The set is similar to that of a horror movie with decaying locations and rooms flooding with water. Throughout the video, you can can hear the disturbing sound of constantly dripping drops of water, which adds to the creepy atmosphere.

Min is sitting alone on the floor of a dirty shower room and stares straight at the camera with her piercing eyes and emotionless expression, where as Fei sits on a decorated chair in an abandoned kitchen and looks gracefully straight into your soul. The ceiling light flashes in the empty subway car, where Suzy is having a seat and holding a large colorful lollipop with her both hands. The last location shows Jia standing at a deserted store with mannequins all over the room. She could herself be mistaken for one, posing like a doll with no emotions.

Hush” will be released on November 6.

Take a look at the teaser and two teaser clips that aired on music shows this week below!