New Albums And Singles Preview – 2013 November Week 1

Miss A Vol. 2 – Hush (Nov. 7)


01 Come Play
02 Hush
03 Love Is U
04 Spotlight
05 Hide & Sick
06 (Mama) I’m Good
07 Like U
08 Hush (Party Ver.)
09 Touch
10 Over U
11 Time’s Up
12 If I Were a Boy
13 Live Well Without a Man

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Miss A returns this year with their second full-length album, “Hush.” The title track is of the same name and is an E-TRIBE production with a girlish theme. Also included in the album is the party version of the title track, electric R&B number, “Come Play,” 80’s number, Spotlight,” and sad number, “Hide & Sick.”

Trouble Maker – Chemistry (released)


01 Raise the Volume
02 Now
03 Girl Who Wants to Play (feat. Hyuna)
04 Attention
05 I Like (feat. Flowsik of Aziatixx)

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Troublemaker finally makes their long anticipated comeback with their latest mini-album, “Chemistry.” The title track is “Now,” an upbeat number composed by Sinsadong Tiger, Rado, and LE. The song holds lyrics about a dramatic situation between couples. Also included in the album are Hyun Seung’s solo track, “Girl Who Wants to Play,” as well as hip-hop number, “Attention.”

Fiestar 3rd single album – Curious (released)


01 Intro
02 Don’t Know Anything
03 Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes
04 Don’t Know Anything (R. Tee Remix)

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Fiestar returns to the music scene after one year with their third single album, “Curious.” The title track is “Don’t Know Anything,” a Sinsadong Tiger production. It is a cute number with strong, addictive melodies. There are a total of four tracks including “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes,” and a remix version of “Don’t Know Anything.”

Brown Eyed Soul (single) – Always Be There (released)


01 Always Be There

Brown Eyed Soul releases a digital single, “Always Be There,” to commemorate their ten years in the music scene. Composed and penned by the singers themselves, the song thanks fans for their support over the years.

Lim Chang Jung (single) – Open the Door (released)


01 Open the Door (New Ver.) (feat. Kim Chang Ryul)

Lim Chang Jung shows yet another side of himself through his latest single, “Open the Door.” The singer experiments with bokgo dance sounds. His comical dance for this song is expected to be a hit.

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