Haru Offers to Buy Daddy Tablo Ice Cream in Latest Episode of “Superman Returns”

In the latest episode of variety program “Superman Returns” that aired on November 3, four-year-old Haru and daddy Tablo could be best described as besties more than daughter and daddy as their friendly dialogue and affectionate scenes will melt your heart! If you aren’t watching “Superman Returns,” Tablo and Haru’s adorable interactions may be just one of those reasons to start watching! 

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In one of the scenes, mommy Hye Jung gives Haru money for ice cream and Tablo adorably sidles in to ask for money as well. When Hye Jung says she already gave Haru money, Tablo says their money combined couldn’t even buy them a CD nowadays, so she gives him another bill. Upon witnessing this, Haru gladly offers to buy Tablo a free ice cream and Tablo thanks her with bumping of fists.

They then venture into the playground to play hide-and-go-seek, with Tablo pretending he doesn’t see Haru in her hiding spot. She screams delightedly and grabs his face with both hands to show him that she is right in front of him. 

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Later when they’re sitting on the steps, Tablo tries to ask Haru if she misses her mom while they’re enjoying ice cream. Either she’s having way too much fun with daddy at the moment or is too absorbed in trying to get as much ice cream out of the tube as possible, for she just turns to Tablo and asks him to help break up the frozen ice cream in her tube instead. Tablo smiles at this and says that he, however, misses Hye Jung of course! 

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“Superman Returns” airs every Sunday at 4:55pm (KST).

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