Tablo Asks Jung Hyung Don to Take Another Look at Adorable Haru

Probably tired of hearing how his daughter looks like a pretty boy, Epik High‘s Tablo decided to prove to everyone that his daughter could look more like a little girl with a change of hairstyle!

On November 3, Tablo shared an adorable photo of daughter Haru on his Twitter page with the accompanying message, “This is a photo of Haru, who appeared in a broadcast today ^^ Hyung Don hyung! When her hair is tied up, she looks like a daughter right?” 


In his tweet, Tablo is referring to the incident where on the latest broadcast of “Superman Returns,” Jung Hyung Don mistook Haru for a boy while she was lunching with her daddy and his buddies at the YG Entertainment cafeteria. The comedian was immediately taken aback when Tablo corrected him saying that she was a girl and noted that Haru looked rather “boyish.” Tablo later commented on the encounter saying, “A lot of people actually mistake Haru for a boy, a good-looking boy, so I stopped correcting them after a while.”