BoA Apologizes for Gil Being Kissed By Yoo Jae Suk Instead on “Infinity Challenge”

On November 3, singer BoA tweeted, “S-s-sorry” in response to Gil’s previous hilarious tweet, “Should I sue this person? The Grasshopper? Kwon BoA? Or all of them? Sigh. It’s fine. It’s okay. I’ll drink this makgeoli and try to put my heart at ease.” 

It appears Gil was still recovering from the shock of being kissed on the top of the head by Yoo Jae Suk instead of BoA, who had initially promised him the kiss as a reward if he pulled off a great performance on the November 2 episode of “Infinity Challenge.” However, when it came time for BoA to peck the top of his bald head, Yoo Jae Suk gave Gil’s head him a big wet one instead while BoA held Gil’s head. 

In related news, Gil and BoA partnered up for a special G.A.B (Gil And BoA) performance for the special music festival edition of “Infinity Challenge.” As a result of the special collaborations between entertainers and artists, all of the songs produced on the “Infinity Challenge” show quickly topped the music charts!

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