How Skillful Is Kim Tae Hee in the Kitchen?

Kim Tae Hee recently revealed that she is not used to spending time in the kitchen.

The actress appeared on November 4 broadcast of SBS’ morning show “Good Morning” as the spokesperson of a kitchen appliance brand. During an event titled “Learn how to make delicious kimchi with Kim Tae Hee!” she discussed her relationship with cooking with the audience and other partakers.

When asked if she likes preparing meals, the beautiful actress did not hesitate to answer, “Yes, I do like cooking. But I can barely make anything. Besides, it is my first time making kimchi.”

Hearing this, the instructor helping Kim Tae Hee through the kimchi-making process said, “These skills are essential if you want to be loved when you get married.” The beauty responded with a wide smile and continued to carefully prepare her first-ever kimchi.

She also shared a few words about her acting plans, “I am currently looking for my next project while enjoying my free time. I don’t know whether it will be a movie or a drama, but I hope to greet you soon with a new acting role.”