U Sung Eun Releases Teaser for Comeback Track “Healing”

Singer U Sung Eun is ready to make her return to the stage with “Healing” this month and released the teaser for it on November 3!


The talented female vocalist characterized with a soulful voice captivated listeners with debut title track “Be OK” this past July. So great was the favorable response for U Sung Eun’s “Be OK,” that she placed as one of the nominees for one or more of the end-of-the-year “Best New Artist” awards. “Be OK” took an unprecedented path to the top of online music charts in just a little over two months, a noteworthy feat for a new artist!

Due to the immense popularity of “Be OK,” U Sung Eun received many offers to sing for the soundtracks of dramas and movies. Then, through singer Shim Soo Bong’s request, U Sung Eun accepted the invitation to perform at her concert and sing “Flatter,” a song she had also covered as a contestant on “The Voice of Korea.” 

Baek Ji Young also took on the role of Visual Director for U Sung Eun’s newest track and as a result, the expectations for the performances and visual elements are running high!

Check out the teaser below!