A Pink Member Son Na Eun Admitted to Dongguk University

Congratulations to A Pink member Son Na Eun, who was recently admitted to Dongguk University!

On November 4, Son Na Eun revealed that she had been admitted to Dongguk University as a drama and film major through Dongguk University’s rolling admissions process. 

It was reported that the busy idol-actress studied for the entrance exam during her spare time and made it known that she was determined to put everything into her academic studies. 

A Pink member Son Na Eun acted in the JTBC drama “Childless Comfort” and gained recognition for her potential as an actress. She is also currently busy as Taemin’s pretend-wife in the ever-popular “We Got Married” variety show. 


She will also be joining Lee Kyung Kyu’s daughter Lee Yerim and Tahiti’s Jisoo, who have also matriculated into Dongguk University.