Woollim Entertainment Reveals First Three Members of New Girl Group to Debut Next Year

Home to boy group Infinite, Woollim Entertainment announced finalized plans to debut a rookie female idol group by the beginning of next year!

On November 4, Woollim Entertainment released an official statement saying, “[We] expect to debut a new girl group by the beginning of next year. The preparation for their debut has been completed so far, and we’re just going over the final details. The girl group will be comprised of Baby Soul who sang ‘She’s A Flirt,’ Yoo Ji Ae who sang ‘Delight,’ and Jin who will be releasing her track, ‘I Just Don’t Have You’ on November 8. In addition, the rest of the members will be revealed when the girls debut. Each female member has her own unique personality and talents.” 

From left to right in featured image: Baby Soul, Jin (MV capture), and Yoo Ji Ae. 

Baby Soul, Yoo Ji Ae, and Jin are all currently signed under Woollim Entertainment. You can check out their respective music videos and teaser below!