First Generation Idol Group g.o.d Is Presumably Planning to Reunite and Make a Comeback Next Year

First generation idol group g.o.d is supposedly planning a comeback for March 2014. It has been presumed that the group is currently preparing for a new album meeting with various composers and writers as well as music officials. According to a close friend of the group, “It was not officially announced that the team was breaking up,” and “After long consideration, the members [supposedly] decided on a comeback next March which is also their 15th anniversary.”

If the news is true, g.o.d will be returning to the K-Pop scene after nine years since their last album “Into the Sky.” The group released “Into the Sky” after Yoon Kye Sang left the group. If he rejoins the group for their newest album, it will make it 10 years since all five members performed onstage together.

The members of g.o.d reunited last year and appeared on Olive’s “Yoon Kye Sangs One Table.” It is assumed that is when the group decided to reunite.

Before their contract expired in August 2003, the members of g.o.d were focusing on their individual activities. Naturally, renewing of their contracts did not happen, and they parted as they signed with their own agencies.

Member Danny Ahn displayed the influence of first generation idols as a member of H.J.g.R from the variety show “Twentieth Century Boys.” Kim Tae Woo continued his solo career and participated in various OST projects. Yoon Kye Sang successfully established his acting career, and Park Joon has been furthering his acting career in the U.S.

The question of whether Son Ho Young, who took a break from all activities after attempting suicide from his girlfriend’s death, will be joining the group is still up in the air. A representative of Son Ho Young’s agency, CJ E&M, stated, “It is true that the members of g.o.d got together to talk about making a new album. However, there are many things that need to be resolved since all of the members are signed under different agencies. The specifics have not been discussed yet.”

As far as Yoon Kye Sang rejoining the group, a representative of his agency stated, “It is true that Yoon Kye Sang received the proposition to make a comeback from the other g.o.d members, but nothing has been confirmed. He is looking over the offer.”

g.o.d debuted in 1999 with their hit song “To Mother,” and left a legacy in K-Pop with their numerous hits including, “Love You and Remember You,” “Lies,” and “Road.” The members of g.o.d reuniting will surely be pleasant news for their fans.

What do you guys think of the possible return of g.o.d? Do you think it will actually happen, and it if does, do you think the come back will be successful?

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