G-Dragon and Xero of Topp Dogg Pose for a Photo with Similar Styles

Xero, a member of the new boy group Topp Dogg, revealed a photo of himself and G-Dragon.

On November 3, the photo was posted on Topp Dogg’s official Twitter account with the description, “Xero with G-Dragon. SBS Inkigayo. Xero had a great time meeting with such a great sunbae. Please continue to show us your support.”

In the photo, Xero and G-Dragon display similar poses as they cross their arms and gaze towards the camera. They pull off similar hairstyles and fashion.

On the same day, G-Dragon performed for the last time on SBS’ “Inkigayo” and wrapped up his album activities. On the other hand, Topp Dogg continues its activities with their single, “Use Your Words,” which was released on October 24.

Xero, G-Dragon