Xiumin and Kim Yoo Jung Are a Lovely Yet Sad Couple in New Teaser Clip for Jin’s “Gone”

A new making teaser clip for Woollim Entertainment‘s upcoming female artist, Jin‘s debut single “Gone” has been revealed!

This new video clip reveals a lot about the single, including a whole minute and twenty seconds of the actual song. We are able to hear a verse and the chorus of “Gone,” which has a sad but beautiful melody and lyrics. The lyrics go:

After lingering in the memories, I stop in place
Even at the tip of my fingers where your warmth still remains
You are there, you are there
Your scent, your face

In the places we used to be together
In the moments that I started to resemble you
You’re gone, you’re gone – just walking in the rain with you was so good
How could I live alone and erase you?
Only you are gone

The clip also shows various behind-the-scenes footage of EXO‘s Xiumin and Kim Yoo Jung‘s scenes together. New scenes such as Xiumin placing Kim Yoo Jung’s hand to his heart and face, Kim Yoo Jung shedding tears and Xiumin’s face popping up from behind a piano can be seen.

Despite it being a making clip, we can already see the sad and mysterious atmosphere that the music video will bring. Xiumin and Kim Yoo Jung’s lovely chemistry is also evident in the clip, heightening the anticipation for the music video.

Jin’s “Gone” is set to release on November 8. Check out the teaser clip below! Don’t forget to watch the first teaser clip for “Gone” as well as Infinite’s Sungjong and Dongwoo’s support message for the video!

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