Infinite’s Sungyeol Transforms into Nerdy Engineering Student for a New Mobile Drama

Infinite‘s Sungyeol has perfectly transformed into an engineering student!

On November 4, the first episode of the mobile drama, “Please Remember, Princess” was aired where Sungyeol first appeared as the engineering student Jung Ki Uhk.

The photo that the drama’s production team revealed showed Sungyeol looking like a nerd with dark skin, gold frame glasses and a serious face in a lecture hall. He is holding an opened book in one photo and raising his hand in a serious manner in the other.

This scene from “Please Remember, Princess” is when the professor told his students to pair up for the lecture of the day and Sungyeol seems to be troubled by this request. He perfectly portrays a nerdy and introverted college student through his facial expression and overall appearance.

The second episode of “Please Remember, Princess” will air on November 6 through Daum TV.

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