Lim Kim Is Fierce Yet Dreamy for November GQ Pictorial

Lim Kim has recently posed for GQ magazine, unleashing her signature mysterious, siren-like charm.

The photo shoot is for the November edition of GQ and Lim Kim has revealed three different cuts on November 4.

The title of this photo shoot is “The Taste of Sound,” and has been conceptualized around Lim Kim’s unique and charming voice.

In the photos, Lim Kim is sporting outfits mostly in gray and black with a simple yet feminine style. Lim Kim’s piercing gaze into the camera especially gives off a strong yet dreamy image.

Along with the photos, parts of Lim Kim’s interview were also revealed. “I am pretty shy. Going on talk shows and radio shows is still pretty new to me. Doing new things is good but since I don’t really talk much and am pretty quiet, unfortunately, I’m still not adjusting. But when I do get adjusted and feel comfortable, I think my twenty-year-old girly self will come out.”

Meanwhile, Lim Kim has been nominated for the Best New Artist award for both the 2013 Melon Music Awards as well as the 2013 MAMAs. After debuting in June with the smash hit “All Right,” Lim Kim released “Rain” and “Voice” with great success as well.

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