Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Starts Twitter

If you don’t have a Twitter account, Seohyun’s latest Twitter activity is a reason to start!

Girls’ Generation’s youngest member, Seohyun, has joined the SNS craze, creating her own Twitter. The singer who had actively used Girls’ Generation’s homepage as her way of communicating with fans has finally joined the other members in creating her own Twitter.

seohyun twitter

As social media continues to grow, it was inevitable for Seohyun to create her own personal social media account. Although fans were skeptical at first on whether or not the Twitter account was valid, with Super Junior’s Donghae and Yesung following the account, as well as tweets to Seohyun from SM’s choreographer Shim Jae Won and former Miss Korea Lee Honey, fans can rest assured of the Twitter account’s validity.

seohyun update 2

As her first tweet, Seohyun recognized and thanked her fans for the Youtube Music Awards win by writing, “Girls’ Generation’s I GOT A BOY received the award for Music Video of the Year at the Youtube Music Awards!! It’s all thanks to our fans worldwide~! Thank you very much!! In the future we will continue to bring good music and amazing performance. Sone!! u guys are the best! :)”

seohyun twitter update

Within 18 hours of creating her Twitter account, Seohyun has already gained over 161,000 followers. The account, @sjhsjh0628, has become another means for the singer to communicate with her fans, showing her love and care for the supporters of Girls’ Generation. Having already posted three tweets and two photos, many can expect Seohyun to update fans with never before seen photos, behind the stage moments, and thoughts of love and care. 

So, if you have a Twitter account, go follow the singer for the latest updates!