Jung Woo and Kim Yoo Mi Confirm Dating Status But Ex-Girlfriend Kim Jin Wants Apology

Things are looking a little messy after news of Jung WooKim Jin and Kim Yoo Mi have been released to the public. Although previous reports stated that Jung Woo and Kim Yoo Mi have been dating for over a year and are planning to wed next year, the couple acknowledged their dating status but denied the length of their relationship and the marriage plans. After the confirmation, ex-girlfriend Kim Jin didn’t seem too happy about the situation.

On November 5, Jung Woo’s agency reps spoke with Newsen and said, “Jung Woo and Kim Yoo Mi are dating. A certain news agency reported that they were dating for about a year but that’s not true. They developed feelings for each other while filming ‘Red Family’ and it’s been about three months since they started dating.”

The rep continued, “They are dating but the plans to marry are not true either. Nothing has been confirmed about the marriage plans so please don’t misunderstand. We hope that the people will view Jung Woo and Kim Yoo Mi’s relationship in a favorable way.”

On the other hand, Jung Woo’s ex-girlfriend Kim Jin doesn’t seem too happy with how things are going.

On October 31, reports were made that Jung Woo and Kim Jin have been dating for over two years. However, Jung Woo quickly denied those claims, stating that they broke up a year ago.

Then, after reports of Jung Woo and Kim Yoo Mi hit the media, Kim Jin posted on her SNS account, “You should have blocked the reports about me. Look how you made me seem when all I did was just stay still. You’re a delinquent and a two-timer. This really isn’t right. We were going to get married but you just broke up with me one-sidedly, driving a nail into my mother’s heart as well. It seemed like you were finally gaining recognition these days so I was going to be loyal until the end but… you really have no loyalty or manners at all.”

On the afternoon of November 5, Kim Jin spoke with SportsSeoul.com and revealed her thoughts and intentions behind that SNS post. She said, “It’s been exactly one year since we broke up. It wasn’t just a light relationship but a serious one. Both of our parents granted us permission to get married.”

“Because I knew his situation at home and how hard he worked for all this time, I stayed quiet even when the dating rumors emerged [between Jung Woo and Kim Yoo Mi]. I thought, ‘Even if I can’t wish them happiness, I shouldn’t be a bother to them.’ I don’t care if he is dating Kim Yoo Mi but if this was how things were going to be, he should have stopped the reports of him and me and kept things clean. That’s why I posted that on my SNS account,” she confessed.

Kim Jin also shared how hard things are for her by saying, “After all these reports of me, Jung Woo and Kim Yoo Mi, I’m having a really hard time. I was really doing well but now when I go outside, people look at me strangely. So I can’t even go out now.”

She continued, “I thought Jung Woo should apologize to me for the situation turning out like this so I texted him but he hasn’t answered me yet. It’s all very unfortunate.”

When asked about what she meant when she wrote “two-timer” on her SNS post, she carefully answered, “That’s only for us to know.” While Kim Jin stated that she and Jung Woo separated ways exactly a year ago, previous reports claimed that Jung Woo and Kim Yoo Mi started dating since over a year ago. However, Jung Woo’s reps recently claimed that it has only been three months since he and Kim Yoo Mi became official.

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