Rain Wins Best Asia Entertainer Award at 2013 Bazaar Men’s Style Awards

Rain has taken home the Best Asia Entertainer award from the 2013 Bazaar Men’s Style Awards held in Beijing, China.

On November 2, Rain attended the 2013 Bazaar Men’s Style Awards during the China Fashion Week along with many other dazzling celebrities. The awards show was broadcast live on TV in various locations as well.

Rain was picked as the best entertainer out of the entire Asian continent, which raised expectations for his future activities as well.

As soon as Rain stepped on the red carpet, cameras were busy snapping photos of the star. Rain was said to have expressed his gratitude in both Chinese and English with a bright smile.

Rain also performed for the awards ceremony as well. He performed “Hip Song” and “I Do,” drawing loud cheers from the crowd with his powerful vocals and dance skills.