Will Kim Jong Min, Sung Shi Kyung and Yoo Hae Jin Step Down from “1N2D?”

On November 5, it has been announced that Kim Jong Min, Sung Shi Kyung and Yoo Hae Jin will be stepping down from the variety show, “1 Night 2 Days” (henceforth, “1N2D“).

According to insider sources, the program was going through some restructuring when it was decided that the three members will be replaced.

Kim Jong Min, Sung Shi Kyung and Yoo Hae Jin have been rumored to leave the show many times but it has recently been announced that their last filming will take place on November 8. This leaves Lee Soo Geun, Uhm Tae Woong and Cha Tae Hyun in the cast.

Sources say that new members will be replacing the three who will leave. They said, “Talks of stepping down have already been had with the show’s staff and the members’ agencies. The last filming date has been decided recently and it was a decision made after a long time of thinking and discussing.”

About the new members, the sources commented, “Nothing has been decided yet. Some speculate that comedians will join due to ‘Gag Concert‘s Seo Soo Min CP joining the staff for ‘1N2D.’ However, this isn’t the case. The discussion on new members is still ongoing.”

However, some news agencies report these claims are not true. According to TV Report, the KBS variety department commented, “Yoo Hae Jin, Kim Jong Min and Sung Shi Kyung have not decided to leave the show. While it is true that we are preparing for a new season 3, nothing has been decided about member changes.”

Meanwhile, the ‘1N2D’ restructuring brought in Seo Soo Min CP, who is famous for being the main PD for the highly popular “Gag Concert” and Yoo Ho Jin PD.

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