Suzy Says Dating Rumor With Sung Joon Made for an “Unforgettable Birthday Present”

It was about a month ago when rumors were abuzz about miss A member and actress Suzy dating former “Gu Family Book” co-star Sung Joon. The evidence was offered to the public in the form of a video clip that a paparazzo had taken of Sung Joon casually slinging his arm around Suzy’s neck while they were exiting a restaurant. One eyewitness account given at the time the video clip was recorded claims that Suzy even had her hand in Sung Joon’s, although that is not visible in the clip. Since “skin-ship” between celebrities is rare (hence the popular trend of using “manner hands”), the video clip created quite the buzz in the K-pop world. Both agencies responded to the rumor saying that their relationship could be best described as sibling-like. 

Suzy had the chance to address these rumors herself in interviews with Star Today and Newsen while joining miss A members to promote their second album, “Hush” on November 5.

“Shall I describe it as an unforgettable 20th birthday gift? Why, you ask? Well, because the day after that clip was filmed was my birthday. I think the clip got more attention because it was taken on the day I was having my birthday party. It’s the first time I’ve ever had a scandal. I realized that it could even happen to me. My mom was also fascinated by the rumors. After finishing up filming for ‘Gu Family Book,’ I was enjoying my time off and hanging out with a lot of friends so when the [rumors] broke out, I was very surprised. Since I know that there will be plenty more of rumors like these popping up in the future, I’m not worried about them,” she said in an interview with Star Today

She also said in an interview with Newsen, “I’m good friends with Sung Joon, that’s why we occasionally meet up, but we happened to be caught on film. That’s all. He did put his arm around me, but to try and explain why he did that would be…” and (according to Newsen sources) made an awkward expression while restating that they were again just friends. 

When asked about what kind of relationship she would like to have, she responded, “I don’t want some kind of sweet romantic relationship. My personality type isn’t really like that either…I want to be with someone who just understands what I’m trying to say. If I say for example, ‘1,3,7” then I would want him to respond, “1,2,3,4,5.” 

Suzy also revealed in the same interview that she is close to IU and carefully stated that she doesn’t think she has any male celebrity friends that she’s close to. 

In related news, miss A will release their second album with the title track, “Hush.” 

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